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Diva Dianne
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It was January 1998, a friend of my told me about this band she had gone to see and thought I might like. She knew I was really getting into swing music and wanted to experience it live. She kept talking about what a character the singer was with his huge pompador. I was living in Baton Rouge at the time (god help me!) but came home every weekend. So we went to the show: The Whirlaway lounge above the Hogs Breath Saloon. There was a line waiting to get in. . . lots are gorgeous women in vintage dresses and guys looking amazing in suspenders and hats. My heart started beating hard with the excitement. Julia was working the door and as ever, she looked phenomenal. As we made our way up the stairs I could hear the music and feel the energy, I think I ran up most of the way. At the top of the stairs we saw Marisa the cigarette girl and a packed house. To the left was the stage and dance floor, although dancing spread all across the floor. To the right were pool tables and directly ahead was the bar with dollar martini's. I took in all the sights then turned to my friend and said "This is it, I found my new 'thing'"
Needless to say, I was hooked. I made it my mission to get to know the band and all the regulars. It was very calculated, and I wasn't above bribary---working for Godiva came in handy. I drove down from Baton Rouge every weekend to go the Whirlaway Lounge. Every week Johnny introduced himself to me and every week he forgot who I was until I finally bet him he wouldn't remember me. The next week he remembered me and pulled me on stage to sing Oh Marie to me. From then on that became my song and one by one I met the other Swingin' Demons. They would walk up and say "So you're Marie right?" I knew I was in.
Then I met another regular, her name was Beth, Red Beth, and the rest is diva history!!!!+