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To those of you in darkest Africa, East Peoria, Ill. or some camel flea ridden hut in Afghanistan that HAVEN'T heard Johnny Angel sing.....Click the link below to be transported to Johnny's music page.

To hear Johnny's debut cd, please click the photo below.

Hear Johnny Angel's LIVE recordings!!!

Johnny placed number 20 on the All-Time Greatest Swing Charts with this hit!

Uncle in Harlem

Julia La Shae and Johnny Angel
Entertaining at the CAC SweetArts Ball

Johnny penned this original tune for a Miramax film film of the same name. (Beautiful vocals  sung by Miss Julia La Shae)

Red Lipstick

To hear Johnny's debut CD:
Click the CD cover above!

This is a faboooo cd, ya'll!!! Its a MUST have for any swing lover and certainly it bridges gaps to really any lover of great music and entertainment. Just click the cd cover at left to be whizzed magically to Johnny's page.
 This was my first introduction to Johnny Angel and it inspired me to seek Johnny the man out...luckily he embraced me and didnt slap me with some psycho-chick-restraining-order.... I secretly think he LOVES it and the only reason he had those bars installed on his windows was to ward off vampires that stalk Nawlins.....hmm, at least thats the excuse he gave me when he shouted down from the 2nd floor at me...right after he tossed an old boot at me....actually it wasnt really AT was the stray cat that was yowling beside me on the the damn cd...hell if you're cute and nice in a naughty kinda way he might even autograph it for ya!!!

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