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Johnny and Brittany
Christmas Morning 2002

To Johnny Angel there is very little to no distinction between friends and fans....I say this because amongst his wealth of friends....alot of us were first "fans". Theres something about this guy that attracts people...his warmth and loving nature. He makes you laugh... and young and old alike light like moths to a flame when hes around.
You only ever need to see this guy "work" a room to see something spectacular.....he treasures the people around him and makes each one feel welcome. Every lady present feels like his sweetheart and every woman wants to mother him. These are just a few observations of one gal....ME. If anyone else would like to add their own Johnny stories, please email me at

Johnny shares the spotlight
I cant believe he just said THAT!

Noone could ever say Johnny is stingy with the fact he LOVES inviting people up to sing with him. This little lady here joined Johnny onstage at the Bombay Club....not only did she provide a lovely vista for the other male patrons, she sang her little heart out too.

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Turkey Boid Day 2002

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Bananas~The Diva Fruit!

Man can not live on bread alone. Women can. Freakin-a, we can live on a package of crumbled crackers we've tossed to the bottom of our purses if we have to. But not men. (...very little real diet willpower.)

I guess chickens were in the right place at the right time when the egg industry was first developing. Now its their little baby and to heck with their cousins the turkey or the grand old bald eagle or tiny robin. You'll never find a 12-pack of their eggs on the grocery shelves. And you'll never know the full-bodied flavor of a mushroom and onion condor omelet. We think we have freedom of choice. Bah. Not as long as this despicable chicken egg monopoly continues.

New York is getting ready to celebrate its 225th anniversary into statehood. Hmmm. Exactly how long are we supposed to keep up this "new" bit anyway? This goes for you other "new states" too. Come on, you're pushing 300 already. Accept it. The newness is over. I'm personally going to drop the "new" part just because somebody has to have the guts not to carry on with the charade. I'm thinking "York II". Sort of has a classy feel to it, don't you think?