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  1. Dream vacation? Home? Car?

 Vacation--anywhere with an exotic beach and lots of beautious cabana boys to bring me many tropical girlie drinks. Home-- 1920's/ 1930's spanish style stucco with a arches and a courtyard. Car--of course anything vintage 1930's or 40's but I do see myself in a 1950's cadillac --pink with leopard interior.

2. If you could have lived in another time, when would it be and what
would you be doing?

 Late 1940's / early 1950's and I'd still be a diva. A close second would be late 1920's/ early 1930's in Paris with all the great writers and jazz musicians, I'd be hanging out with Henry Miller and Anais Nin.

3. Where are you originally from? Whats it like?

 I was born and raise a southern belle New Orleans gal--sin city, Mardi Gras, jazz, Bourbon Street, what do you think its like? But for the record both of my parents are from Colombia which is beautiful and exotic just like me (lol).

4. Tell us about your families/friends/pets?

 My immediate family is my mother, brother and sister. My mother is a little latina diva, my sister brings new meaning to the term domestic goddess because she's a diva from way back and my brother's the brainiac-- a PhD who's discovered ballroom and married a woman who has great diva potential. I have a niece and nephew. My niece is most definitely  a diva in training and my nephew is going to be quite the pimp. Just about everyone else in Colombia and they are all a bunch of characters with stories too numerous to list here. My friends are an eclectic bunch but all are dear to my heart. My dog is my baby, Mojo is a 13 year old sheltie terrier mix. He's half blind and deaf and ain't as pretty as he once was but he's still my baby!

5. what are your musical influences? favorites?

 I love all kinds of music but SOME of my favorites are: The Beatles, all the old school/ hardcore punk bands of the late 70's and early 80's, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, and of course my latin music---Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony . . . I could go on and on and on and on and on. . . .

6. Ultimate indulgence?

 Spa treatments

7. First love?

 my vibrator (lol)

    8. What ALWAYS puts you in the mood?
my vibrator Winking smiley emoticon

    9. Turn ons? (doesnt have to be THAT ya'll...just whatever makes you happyhappy)
 my vibrator. . .oh the happy happy stuff would have to be dancing, hanging out with friends, a good cosmopolitan, a great bargain, and my vibrator (did I mention that already?).

10. Turn offs? 
 talking behind someone's back, saying you're going to do things and never doing anything, and of course Dead Batteries Winking smiley emoticon