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1. Dream vacation? Home? Car?


 Vacations....Hmmm,I've traveled so much all over the world but yet I've never really gone anywhere I wanted to. If I had to choose I'd say a nice tour of Italy would be the ultimate for me...between the gorgeous men, great wine and cuisine and the shopping....I'd be a very happy gal indeed., I'm torn a great artsy loft overlooking the Boston Common would be nice, but then so would a cozy Acadian style cottage down in the Garden Dist in New Orleans...and then theres the cabin in the backwoods of Maine on some picturesque lake. (sigh)

Car...oh geez, this is simple!!! 60's era Mustang convertible in red and black..that is SO me. Not too far fetched but considering I'm still driving around in "Gertie the Wildebeast" Bonneville (ASK Johnny how much he HATES my, I'd stil need a nice chunk of change for it!!

2. If you could have lived in another time, when would it be and what
would you be doing?
This one is hard to but I would have really enjoyed being around perhaps during the Edwardian Era or late Victorian...not only are the clothes just FABOO but women were allowed and expected to have curves..had too much pizza...simply have the maid squish it up in your boobs or down into your ass and voila, no more bulges..corsets were a wonderful thing. I STILL believe in the power of the girdle and stockings!!! hehe

3. Where are you originally from? Whats it like?
Lets see, well I was raised in Biloxi, Mississippi...back then it was a small Coastal fishing its the Redneck Riviera and a little mini Vegas. BUT, I was actually born and spent a good deal of time in New England, thats where my mom's family are from.

4. Tell us about your families/friends/pets?
I have a pretty large family...we're Scotch/Irish on both sides. Mom works for the Dept of State, shes a visa/passport fraud specialist. When I was growing up she was a police investigator here in Biloxi. My dad is a retired Air Force officer and Chaplain, hes retired from the Anglican priesthood, which is Church Of England to you heathens out there. I have 3 younger sisters...each one crazier than the other, a ex-hubby, and a beautiful daughter named Emily RoseMaria..shes almost 7.I'm lucky enugh to have many wonderful friends the world over...but most recently in the past 6 months I have met ones I think I will definitely have for the rest of my time on Earth!! Ya'll are GREAT! As far as pets....I have an obnoxious Siamese male cat named Sinatra.He allows me to live with him.

5. What are your musical influences? favorites?
Mr grandparents were professional tournament ballroom/swing dancers.( I obviously didnt NOT inherit that talent.) So I grew up listening to all the old big band stuff...I've always loved it. I'm a huge Ricky Nelson and Elvis fan, and I love all the old Italian singers like Jerry Vale, Al Martino, Louis Prima, and of course Dean Martin. I love my Frankie boy too....modern wise, I'd have to say Steely Dan is my favorite band followed by anything STING. Oh yeah, guess I should mention Johnny here too, eh?

6. Ultimate indulgence?
Creole dripped coffee and cheesecake..any flavor its ALL good!

7. First love?
This could incriminate me but his name was Bret and he now lives in was a total and beautiful May/December romance that lasted 3 years.

8. What ALWAYS puts you in the mood?
Oh this sounds so cliche but music, candles,a man with talented lips and hands...and a good chianti or merlot doesnt hurt either.

9. Turn ons?
Oh geeeez, snuggly days under the down comforter with a fireplace and old movies, thunderstorms, dark- handsome- artistic- moody types with oral fixations,old school gentlemen others might consider chauvanistic....I LIKE being the 'little woman', and believe it or not KNOWING you're desired is the biggest turn-on.

10. Turn offs?
Liars, cheats, drama queens of any sex, unshaven faces, yucky hands with unkempt nails,polo shirts,and real egomaniacs.Oh and I abhor bad manners, a guy that doesnt open the door for me or pull my chair out or take my arm in public is just a CRETAN! He is instantly banished onto my will-never-get-a-second-date-even-if-you-pay-me list!!!