Roswell Alien Dude

Too bad the alien that was found in Roswell, New Mexico crashed his space ship and died. By now he could have acquired U.S. citizenship, started a business and found some woman who would have married him. (Some women aren't too sickened by grotesquely skinny limbs, freakishly big glowing eyes and gel skin as long as the guy is successful). He could have enjoyed life in America for the past 50+ years, perhaps even be retired, taking his scrawny little grandkids to baseball games or space museums or seeing the U.S. in his RV. (Sure it's not as sporty as his flying saucer, and parking is the same nightmare, but the foldaway dinette will pop-up to seat 4 humans or 7 aliens and doubles as handy probing table). Nobody guarantees you'll end up rich here in America, but we welcome anyone - thing - to voyage here and try.