Grandpa and Other Old People

Seems like the older that people get, the harder it is to get them out of their chairs. By the time they hit 80 forget it. “Grandpa! Come quick! There’s been a massive car accident outside!” “I’ve got the news on now. I’ll just watch it from here. You go on. It should be coming up soon.” It has to be really important to budge them. “Have you eaten since breakfast Grandpa?” “I found some pretzels in the sofa. I’m full. I have to get up at 4pm to take my pill so I’ll eat then.” I guess they’ve seen so much in their lives nothing phases them. “Grandpa! There’s some sort of half-man/half-ape Bigfoot looking in the backdoor window!!!!” “Yea I’ve seen that before. I think its coming down out of the mountains. The dog will scare it off. Now let me watch the rest of Matlock.”