Epic Movies!!!

Imagine how difficult it must have been to film a movie back in the days of those old classics where they'd have 10,000 extras acting as Roman soldiers. “Listen up...we’ve managed to come up with about 50 suits of armor so the rest of you just wear a skirt and sandals, try to stay away from florals, and bring a garbage can lid and makeshift sword. If you have headgear wear that too, as long as it doesn’t resemble a beekeeper’s hat or lady's bonnet. I think if you move around alot during the battle scenes no one will notice." Or maybe all these years we’ve been fooled and it was all done with mirrors and really they used only a few extras all carefully synchronized and choreographed! That would explain why during one of the mammoth battle scenes in Ben Hur every fifth man is wearing a football helmet and running around with a butterknife!